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Sometimes mistakes are made at trial and justice can be delayed through erroneous court decisions.  In those cases we are ready to seek higher authority by “taking the case up” to the courts of appeal.  Keeping the trial courts honest and on their toes is the job of appellate lawyers.  Virtually all the laws we follow in our democracy involve judicial determinations of legal precedents that are often in flux and subject to interpretation. 
Our law firm has had an active appellate practice for over 38 years.  We have successfully appealed many times to the Utah and Nevada Supreme Courts and Courts of Appeal.  We have also appealed to the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals and the United States Supreme Court and we are familiar with their rules of practice and procedures.
Good appellate lawyers will represent the case in the trial courts in a way that will facilitate efficient and economical justice in the appellate courts if necessary.  It is a heavy burden to question or review judicial decisions and we do not take it lightly, so every case that goes to trial must do so with the possibility of appeal in mind.  That requires making a complete record for the appeals courts to review.  Our firm has an outstanding track record on appeal, where we have prevailed in upholding and even changing the law to our clients’ benefit.
If you have been involved in a trial that rendered an erroneous result or decision, call our appellate lawyers for a free consultation about your chances on appeal.