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We only exist because of our clients.  See what they are saying about  us:

If you are ever in need of a personal injury attorney you cannot make a better choice than securing the services of Huggins & Maxwell for your representation in your personal injury matter. My experience with Huggins & Maxwell was beyond my expectation. My case was not a clear-cut simple run-of-the-mill personal injury case and the insurance company was about as hard-nosed as they come; but, with the diligence and hard work toward my case by Ms. Kristine Maxwell, my case was resolved in my favor and I would like to thank Ms. Maxwell for responding to my many phone calls, texts and emails in a timely matter and keeping me fully abreast of important issues arising in my case and providing me with copies of documents relating to my case. Thanks again!  B.L., 2017

"A SUPERB DEMONSTRATION OF INTEGRITY, DETERMINATION, HONESTY AND EXCELLENCE - I simply cannot express the level of appreciation I have for Joseph Huggins. Mr. Huggins is a winner in every respect. While other Lawyers are looking for reasons to pass on a case, Mr. Huggins is looking for reasons to serve his clients. He hits the ground running! I was constantly kept informed and always an active ingredient in the decision making process. Mr. Huggins possesses a great deal of experience and extensive knowledge of both law and it's process. He has wonderful communication skills. He without question is 100% honest and above board! At no time did he show me any kind of condescending behavior or attitude. He planned a course to follow early on in the case and successfully followed it. I am a retired Business Person. I have worked with many types of Lawyers over many years. Win or loose, very few Lawyers can hold the superior level of excellence Mr. Huggins sets fourth." Steve, 2016

"I can't thank you enough and I hope I didn't keep everyone away from their families working on something that may or may not work, but it sounds like it may pay off in the long run. Please tells your staff thank you as well." Jurhrie, 2016

"Sincerely grateful, Joe, you really called the situation in Vegas exactly as it was.  Your knowledge and courtesy were really an incredible help for me.  I appreciate all you did for me.  Thanks again, Bob." Bob, 2016

"During my experience with Joe, I felt like I was treated like family. Whenever I felt I needed to ask a question, or just speak to Joe, getting in contact with him was NEVER a problem. Joseph went above and beyond the "call of duty" assisting me with any and all needs that I had. I consider him "the best lawyer I've ever met!!!!"William, 2015

"Mr. Huggins is extremely honest, patient and articulate being sure the client understands the expectations of the client. If a case is out of his area of expertise or he is unable to accept a case he is very direct. Joe researches any question or problem his clients may have and responds quickly. His fees are very reasonable. I would have absolutely no hesitation in retaining Mr. Huggins for any type of legal problem I might have and will recommend him highly to friends, family and associates." Mary, 2015

"Wow, if there were more lawyers like Joseph J. Huggins and Kristine Maxwell of Huggins and Huggins, there would be less crimes and lawsuits. Joseph assisted me with a malpractice suit and he was/is very professional, knowledgable and he "gets it."  I will highly recommend Huggins & Huggins and trust this team with all my legal decisions and then some."A.C., 2013

"Kristine represented me in a civil case. This case took 5 years and every step of the way, Kristine never gave up. Her professionalism and knowledge was always in the forefront. Also at the same time, I was going through trauma with my eyes and she was very considerate of how I was feeling, never did I feel it was all about the money, it was about my well being. I can honestly say from the integrity Kristine has shown me, I would recommend Kristine's counsel to anyone and trust her opinions." A.C., 2013

"Kristine Maxwell was originally introduced to me by one of my clients who hired her back in 2009.  He told me she was the most knowldgeable and professional lawyers he ever met.  I agree completely and would add that her service might exceed her knowledge and professionalism."Jeff, 2013

" I can't thank you both enough.  I am so grateful for all you have done for me.  You're such great attorneys and wonderful, compassionate people."Terry, 2012

"I have used both Joe Huggins and Kristine Maxwell for both business litigation and personal legal matters over the past 8 years. THEY ARE AS GOOD AS YOU CAN GET !!! They will represent you with integrity, and personal service that is unmatched. And, If you are lucky enough to have them represent you, you will have a big advantage going into court or keeping you out of court. Can't say enough about the legal power these two Attorney's bring to the table."  Jeff, 2011

"Thank you for all of your help. In a world where people forget to be thankful and appreciative please know that you ARE appreciated. I will always remember how you helped me through this difficult time in my life. Thanks again :) "  Dawn, 2012

"I am thankful that I have you on my side, you're the best atty I have ever dealt with." Jeffrey, 2010

"Joe Huggins is simply the best! For over 10 years, I have had Joe in my corner and have always had the peace of mind knowing he's only a phone call away."  John, 2008

"Your fee is very reasonable.  Thank you for all your help."  Bill, 2009

"Thank you Kris.  You are doing a great job for all of us."  Dave, 2012

"OMG!!!! Thank you so much buddy!!!! Seriously & thank you so much again for getting me out of this!!  You were an absolute gift in this!!  I am very lucky, I could have lost everything." Victoria, 2010

"Amen to good people. Joe!  Did you get my classified veteran documents?"  Mac, 2011

"Know that I appreciate all that you have done to continue to resolve all matters.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart."  Susan, 2012

"I have great respect for Joe’s hard work and professionalism. His knowledge of the law and tireless work is the only reason why my company is still in business."  Harry, 2009

"I still can't believe we did it! It was a pleasure working with you. I worked with different lawyers for one reason or the other, and I have to admit, I thought that lawyers like you only existed in movies.   It’s the first time I feel I was working with a talented, confident, aggressive and skillful one. It was a pleasure!"  David, 2010

"Thank you very much! I still cannot believe I will get some money back so I am really happy and hope to thank you in person one day."  U.K., 2010

"Wow!! Cool!!! :-))) I cannot thank you enough! I really appreciate all the work you have done and hope I can thank you in person in Vegas!" 

"Thanks again for all your hard work on this. I will definitely recommend your firm to anyone I know who might need legal help."

"Good Find.  You are the best.  I am glad that I decided to stay with you for this."

"Thank you Joe...I feel extremely lucky to have found you...without you I would have dug a hole too deep."

"I truly appreciate the professional attitude and personal attentiveness you both have given me throughout this long ordeal.  I feel blessed to have chosen such honorable lawyers who truly care about their clients' well being."  Matt, 2012 

"Thank you so much for your  professionalism and personal concern for all of the victims involved in this."

"You both are so smart, dedicated and hard workers.  I appreciate all your efforts very much!" LeAnne, 2008


"Thank you for sending me this always it's well articulated and factual----Perfect!!"  Maria, 2006

"Awesome work, your professionalism and your integrity as an Attorney and as a person are unmistakable, I thank the Lord for putting you in my path to fight this battle for me. Thanks!!!"  Terri, 1995

"I just want thank you for all you have done for me. I never expected the battle to be over. It’s great, but hard to believe. I don’t think I could’ve made it without you. I really appreciate it. You are a wonderful person." 

"Thanks for all you do for me. You really are one of the good guys."  David, 2009

"I am very grateful to you. You are truly amazing."  R.G., 2003

"Thank you so much for your help and your honesty. Because of the action that you took and your knowledge I believe he realized he wasn’t going to be able to take advantage of me. I especially thank you for following through with the appeal. I hope that the judge who heard the case will be unable to make those kinds of judgments in the future. Go under the peace."  Susan, 2011.

"Thanks for your help. I feel like a skydiver who jumped and met you with a parachute."  Arlene, 2005

"I want you to know how much I love and appreciate you for all the strength and support you have given me over the years. Most of all, thank you for helping me struggle through those first, dark days."  Sara, 1996

"You’re my hero no matter what happens."  U., 2001

"Once again, thank you for everything. Thanks for your patience! You have good karma."  Lisa, 1997

" I want to take the time to send you a special thanks for all the recent support, advice, encouragement and friendship you have shown me over this past month of not insignificant crisis in my life. You may not think so at times, but I do listen carefully and heed the vast majority of the counseling you send my direction. The few times that I, for what ever reason, have not followed your advice, I knew that I would face the very consequences you predicted, rather than thinking I could avoid them."  Jon, 2004

"Thanks for all your help. It’s good to know there are wonderful people like you." T.S., 1999

"I Just want to give to you the thanks for everything you did for me. You was great up there in my court."  Jose, 1998

"Thank you very much for all your good work and your friendship. You are a wonderful person."  U.K., 2000

"Thank you, you are a dear friend, an extraordinary attorney, and a really decent human being. I mean that from my heart." 

"I'm so grateful.  The incredible would not have happened without your help."  

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