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Before hiring attorneys, it's important to know the areas of law where they have demonstrated success.  This is a partial list of the areas in which we practice:
Dangerous Products - $2,000,000.00 recovery on a personal injury claim against an international corporation for defective design and defective labeling of a dangerous medical device.
Automobile Accident with Commercial Vehicle - $450,000.00 recovery for client who was hit by a drunk driver.
Medical Malpractice - $1,400,000.00 for clients injured by a LASIK medical practice.
Our appeals lawyers won a Nevada Supreme Court appeal on the issue of when the statute of limitations begins to run in a medical malpractice case.
Medical Malpractice & Personal Injury - $18,000,000.00 Judgment against a medical practice in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Wrongful death - $350,000.00 settlement with ambulance company and hospital.
Our real estate lawyers won two successive Nevada Supreme Court appeals in a lawsuit against a national homebuilder.

Medical Malpractice and Negligence - $375,000.00 recovery against a Las Vegas dermatology doctor for negligent laser treatment resulting in facial burns.

Wrongful Death - $220,000.00 settlement for wrongful death.

Assault & Battery - $150,000.00 recovery in lawsuit for an assault and battery that occurred on a casino property.
Assault & Battery by Security Guards - $300,000.00 recovered in lawsuit with out of control security guards.
Slip & Fall - $325,000.00 recovery for client in a supermarket slip and fall.
Directed verdict in a fraud and breach of contract trial over a $500,000.00 dispute.
Real Estate - Las Vegas Realtor exonerated in an ethics hearing at the GLVAR.
Real Estate - Our real estate lawyers sued to reverse an out of state arbitration award in favor of a national home builder who tried to keep our clients' earnest money even though it never built the home as agreed.  The arbitration award was vacated by a Nevada District Court Judge who ordered a new arbitration.  At the second arbitration our clients prevailed and were also awarded $103,000.00 and their costs and attorneys fees. 

Our real estate lawyers won two successive Nevada Supreme Court appeals in a lawsuit against a national homebuilder.  

Medical Malpractice and Negligence - $375,000.00 recovery against a Las Vegas dermatology doctor for negligent laser treatment resulting in facial burns. 

Our real estate attorneys won a judgment for rescission of a real estate deal in Belize due to misrepresentation.

Our real estate attorneys won a specific performance and quiet title trial over five acres of Las Vegas real estate.  

Business Litigation - Our business lawyers won a $2,000,000.00 lawsuit against a Las Vegas Forex company.   Our client was awarded its costs and attorneys fees for having to defend an "abuse of process."

Real Estate Litigation - Defended a $13,000,000.00 claim for civil conspiracy and real estate fraud filed by the biggest law firm in Nevada against our client, a successful Las Vegas real estate investor.  All claims were “dismissed with prejudice” at trial.

Auto Accident - $80,000.00 summary settlement for an auto accident victim

Auto Accident - $99,000.00 paid to client after filing lawsuit against a taxi driver with a bad driving record. 

Real Estate - $83,000.00 earnest money returned to our client, who purchased a unit in a Las Vegas high rise condominium tower that was foreclosed by the lender. 

Real Estate - $89,000.00 judgment for our client in a lawsuit against a real estate developer for breach of contract.  Costs and fees were awarded to our client.

Breach of Contract - Judgment for $92,000.00 earnest money in a lawsuit over the breach of a condo purchase agreement.

Real Estate Litigation - Our real estate attorneys won a Summary Judgment against a condominium developer who failed to deliver a valid Public Offering Statement to purchasers.  The developer was ordered to return the deposit and pay our client's costs and attorney's fees.

Real Estate Litigation - Failure to comply with Public Offering Statement as required by NRS 116.  Purchase contract was rescinded by judge as being "ambiguous, one sided and fraught with lack of mutuality, bordering on a violation of public policy." Judgment for earnest money deposits with interest and all costs and attorneys fees.

Appellate Litigation - Successful appeal to the Nevada Supreme Court after an erroneous trial court judgment was entered for specific performance to sell real property.  Verdict was reversed and our client was awarded costs and attorney’s fees incurred in defending the erroneous lawsuit and appeal.

Real Estate Litigation - All real estate fraud charges were dismissed at trial.

Appeals - Reversed wrongful criminal conviction against our client, a Las Vegas construction worker. The conviction was dismissed. 

Real Estate Litigation - Judge partitioned the property at trial and awarded ten acres of development property, plus a 10% real estate commission to our client, a real estate broker. 

Drunk Drivers - Policy limits in an auto accident caused by a drunk driver who seriously injured our client and killed his wife.

Medical Malpractice - Confidential settlement in a medical malpractice lawsuit filed for our client, whose doctor failed to diagnose a serious melanoma. 

Drunk Driver Personal Injury Case - Confidential settlement for policy limits with the insurance company of a drunk driver who caused a broadside collision with our pregnant client.

Appeal - Our law office won an appeal to the Utah Court of Appeals on a defamation case which occurred in the ski community of Park City, Utah.  Our client was exonerated.

Appeal - Utah Supreme Court summarily reversed trial court and ruled in our client’s favor. Our client was dismissed from the litigation.  

Criminal Law - Jury trial aquittal on all 19 felony racketeering charges. 

Criminal Law - Jury acquittal on all felony charges.

Criminal Law - Client acquitted of two felony charges in a Federal Court.  

Criminal Law - Country-rock singer was acquitted in jury trial on felony charges.

Trials and Appeals - Our trial lawyers won a casino development trial over architectural fees of over $500,000.00, which was filed by the largest law firm in the state. All claims against our clients were dismissed after a full bench trial.  Our clients also won on appeal at the Utah Supreme Court.

Our real estate attorneys won a $150,000.00 judgment against a private club in a lawsuit for breach of contract.

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